Ginger Shots (3 Pack)

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Big things do come in small packages! Particularly when it’s our brand new Ginger Shot three pack (60mL x 3). Drink them straight up, add them to any of our juices, or hot water to help raise your body’s defences this cold and flu season.

Benefits include: Ginger isn’t just used to spice up food. Yes, it has a delicious zippy flavor and can enhance any dish, but that’s not the only reason ginger is beloved by foodies and health nuts alike. Ginger actually boasts many wonderful and potent medicinal properties. Chinese and Indian culture have been using ginger to treat the body for over 4,700 years. If you haven’t hopped on the ginger train yet, you will now. It’s an incredible addition to any healthy diet. Benefits include: aiding digestion and weight loss, boosts your immune system, fights infection, revs up your metabolism, helps your body recover faster post-workout and regulates blood sugar.

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Roy
Loved my Ginger Shots

Tasty and a good internal cleanse plus immune support.

paula cox
Never received product

I never received ginger shots or lemon cleanse Even though your website states you ship overnight so I receive my cleanse in time.

I still want to try this product. O

We are so sorry that you were unable to try the lemon juice and ginger shots as your order was delayed in transit with Purolator. We were able to issue you a full refund since you did not receive your order.

rabih alali
Great supplement

Been taking them since 2020. This stuff works!

Demetra Valente

Ginger Shots (3 Pack)

Ginger Juice Shot

I liked the spicy taste, however the ginger at the bottom of the bottle required vigorous shaking in order to dissolve.. I greatly appreciated the substitution the owner provided. Great customer service - thank you! All the other juices I've tried have been bang on!

Hi Ben,

We are sorry about your negative experience with our Ginger Shots, but are happy we were able to help. After cold pressing fresh fruits and vegetables, heavier particles tend too separate and sink to the bottom, requiring a good shake to fix. Because the Ginger Shot is so packed full of nutrients, it is a bit more dense than other juices. This means it needs a bit more of a shake before you drink it. We just want to apologize once again and hope that we see you again soon!