Ginger Shots (3 Pack)

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Big things do come in small packages! Particularly when it’s our brand new Ginger Shot three pack (60mL x 3). Drink them straight up, add them to any of our juices, or hot water to help raise your body’s defences this cold and flu season.

Benefits include: Ginger isn’t just used to spice up food. Yes, it has a delicious zippy flavor and can enhance any dish, but that’s not the only reason ginger is beloved by foodies and health nuts alike. Ginger actually boasts many wonderful and potent medicinal properties. Chinese and Indian culture have been using ginger to treat the body for over 4,700 years. If you haven’t hopped on the ginger train yet, you will now. It’s an incredible addition to any healthy diet. Benefits include: aiding digestion and weight loss, boosts your immune system, fights infection, revs up your metabolism, helps your body recover faster post-workout and regulates blood sugar.