Energize Cleanse

Energize Cleanse

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The Energize Cleanse includes six juices per day (Each juice is 473 mL).

  • 2 Green Energy
  • 2 Lemon Rush
  • 1 Very Berry
  • 1 Creamy Cashew

The Energize Cleanse is our gateway cleanse. It is designed as a milder cleanse for people who want to experiment with cleanses but do not want to resort to an extreme cleanse. The Energize Cleanse is ideal for people who eat whatever they want, whenever they want, but are also looking to give their bodies a break. If this sounds like you, then the Energize Cleanse is for YOU!

Customer Reviews

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Farm Girl
My First Cleanse!

Really easy to follow and I enjoyed the variety of flavours! I was worried about being hungry, but I wasn't!

We are really happy to hear it! Our cleanses are packed full of nutrients that will get you through your day. So glad you enjoyed it!

Mark Bosa
Love the Energize Cleanse

I do a 3 day Energizing Cleanse once every couple of weeks, it really cleans you out and give you greater mental acuity. It is an excellent maintenance tool for your body, let’s your organs flush out toxins and drop a few few pounds of fat to boot.

Thanks for your awesome review Mark! You really explained our benefits to the T. Thank you for juicing with team Total Cleanse :D


Energize Cleanse

Very Tasty and feel great.

Their cleanse juices are very good and I find a 5 day cleanse makes you feel great. We also do 7 day ones as well about twice a year.

Lisa, you are a cleansing ALLSTAR! We are so happy to be your juicer :D


Drinks taste great. Cleanse is great.

Thank you Teri!