Purify Cleanse

Purify Cleanse

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The Purify Cleanse includes six juices per day (Each bottle is 473 mL).

We recommend drinking your cleanse in the following order.

  • 1 Green Energy
  • 1 Lemon Rush
  • 1 Green Energy
  • 1 Green Energy
  • 1 Green Energy
  • 1 Creamy Cashew

The Purify Cleanse is our most extreme cleanse. The Purify Cleanse is designed for people who are health conscious and considerate of what they eat. The Purify Cleanse eliminates most carbohydrates, fruit and sugar from your diet and provides your body with approximately 1200 calories per day.

Despite the low calories, the Purify Cleanse provides you with enough energy to get you through the day without feeling light headed or weak. Planning a day or days off is not necessary. You should be able to carry on with most of your normal daily activities; however, taking it easy would not hurt.

We recommend that you stay on this cleanse for a minimum of three days but if you can, you should try to go for longer! Feel free to extend your program to test how long you can go.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Miranda
got food poisoning

Hello, I ordered total cleanse twice - the first time everything was fine and I really enjoyed the juices but the second ordered was received on Monday night (overnight) and I woke up to place the juices in the fridge right away. I did the juice cleanse on Tuesday and Wednesday and that was the only thing I had those 2 days and by Wednesday night I was having violent shivers, fever, a 10/10 stomach pain. By Thursday the vomiting and the diarrhea started. Today is Monday and it is the first day that I"m out of bed but I am still feeling very weak. Please note that it was for sure one of your juices that was bad. Please be careful with other customers.

Purifying Cleanse

I did it and you can too!
I did the 5 day purifying cleanse in an effort to remove some of the “holiday fun” from my body and allow my organs, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, skin etc, to have a little break and come back working at more optimal levels! From order to the delivery to the communications, via email, it was all seamless. The drinks were all very good - the four green drinks/day were a little hard to stomach for the first two days but got easier and more enjoyable by days 3-5. I looked forward to the lemon rush, as it added a new and refreshing element to the day, but my favourite was the creamy cashew!!! I remember reading a review that someone else had posted about it and how that was the drink they looked forward to all day. Just one day in, I could totally relate! It was so velvety and delicious!!! I had headaches for the first two days, which is a normal detoxification symptom, but made sure to drink lots of lemon water both before and after consuming my drinks for the day. By day 3 onwards, the headaches were gone and I was feeling amazing! Energy was up, bloating was no more and then bonus 8lbs that I shed was a bonus! I highly recommend these juices and I’m already looking forward to my next cleanse!!!

Thank you so much for your detailed review! We love that you did so well on the cleanse and to top it off lost 8 pounds!!
We're here for you when you're ready for your next cleanse or just want some fresh juices on hand.

Kieran Scott
Perfect coming out of the Holidays

I completed a 7 day Purify cleanse coming out of the Holiday season and it was exactly what I needed. After indulging a little too much over the Xmas holidays my weight had ballooned and my bloat was uncomfortable. Sticking to the instructions I lost 11 lbs in 7 days and I feel incredible. I had moments of hunger however, for the most part I felt satisfied. Looked forward to the Cashew drink all day. Delicious!

Thank you so much for your review!
We are thrilled to hear that you not only enjoyed your cleanse but lost the weight you gained over a fun holiday season.
Keep up the great work in the new year and let us know when you are ready for more cashew milk!

Susan Artibello
Beautiful Flavours

Makes it easy to do a fast

April Humphries
3 day Purity

Fantastic product! Excellent packaging, flavour, quality, size, ingredients… I am thoroughly impressed with everything this cleanse had to offer! I’ve been raving to friends and family and anyone else who will listen. A few people have ordered or will be! I’ll do a 5 day one next time!

Hi April,

Thank you so much for all your support and love of our delicious juices! We are so happy you enjoyed it :D We look forward to seeing you and your friends again soon! Cheers!