Energize Cleanse

Energize Cleanse

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The Energize Cleanse includes six juices per day (Each juice is 473 mL).

We recommend drinking your cleanse in the following order.

  • 1 Green Energy
  • 1 Lemon Rush
  • 1 Green Energy
  • 1 Very Berry
  • 1 Lemon Rush
  • 1 Creamy Cashew

The Energize Cleanse is our gateway cleanse. It is designed as a milder cleanse for people who want to experiment with cleanses but do not want to resort to an extreme cleanse. The Energize Cleanse is ideal for people who eat whatever they want, whenever they want, but are also looking to give their bodies a break. If this sounds like you, then the Energize Cleanse is for YOU!

Customer Reviews

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Debra Brazzier

Amazing not hungry through out the three days. Will do again

Jean Vanderveer
Energize cleanse

I have cleansed before, but have not for a couple of years. Just completed a 3 day energize and I feel totally energized. I had forgotten how great you feel after. Thank you Total Cleanse.

Marie Parent
I'm not sure how anyone is having these as a cleanse...

First of all, I do ''pro'' cleanses with another company very often, veggie full juices, protein shakes and feel amazing every time I do them so the issue isn't that I'm a cleasne newbie. I barely survived my first day on this cleanse because of the incredibly high sugar content, it gave it nausea and I kept having to eat vegetables to calm the sugar spikes in my blood. I ate a whole head of cabbage in a light veggie broth just to attempt to get through the day but I was still shaking and feeling horrible. I had purchased the three day cleanse but I'm going to be freezing the remaining two days of juices and have my boyfriend drink one once in a while (for context, he loves extremely sweet juices). The only juice that makes sense to include in a cleanse was the cashew one as it was high in protein and did not cause a blood sugar spike. I don't understand how anyone is drinking these juices as a cleanse and not eating anything, it makes literally no sense. I put three stars because the juices taste good.

Hi Marie,
Thank you for your review and honest feedback. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed the taste of our juices.
The way you felt is not common as most of our clients feel really great, have more energy, better sleeps and less bloat while on our cleanse. You selected a choose your own cleanse and opted to include 2 fruit juices along with the green, lemon and cashew milk.
Our green energy juice does contain a small amount of pressed apple which unfortunately increases the sugar content however it is not the primary ingredient and only accounts for a very small percentage of the juice in that bottle as the bulk is made up of vegetables.
Of course the berry and pineapple juice that you selected are cold pressed with only fruits and do not include any vegetables.
In future, I recommend going for our celery juice, red energy juice or more green juices.


Ive done this cleanse 2 times. It helps to help me reset when I’ve been eating poorly. Benefits are great, helps rid of lingering bloat and stop sweet cravings. Juices are always fresh and delicious! Thank you!

Annissa Defreitas
Above and Beyond

Not only is the product amazing, but this company is so responsive and flexible! I cannot say enough about the outstanding customer service! Thank you

Thank you for your review! We''re so happy that we were able to provide you with a great experience.