5 Day Master Cleanse

5 Day Master Cleanse

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The Master Cleanse diet, also known as the Lemonade Diet, is a modified juice fast used for quick weight loss. No solid food is eaten for at 5 to 10 days, and the only source of calories and nutrients comes from our Lemon Rush.

What the package includes:
This cleanse contains five days worth of Lemon Rush (Six juices per day, 30 juices total). Should you wish to do a ten day Master Cleanse, simply add a second package to your cart.

Benefits of the master cleanse include weight loss and the elimination of body toxins.

Easing Into the Master Cleanse
Since consuming a liquid-only diet is a radical change for most people, it is recommended to ease into it gradually over a few days:

  • Days 1 and 2: Cut out processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, meat, dairy and added sugars. Focus on eating raw whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables.
  • Day 3: Get used to a liquid diet by enjoying smoothies, pureed soups and broths, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Day 4: Drink only water and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Add maple syrup as needed for additional calories. Drink laxative tea before bed.
  • Day 5: Start the Master Cleanse

Easing Out of the Master Cleanse
When you are ready to start eating food again, you can transition out of the Master Cleanse.

  • Day 1: Start by drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice for one day.
  • Day 2: The next day, add vegetable soup.
  • Day 3: Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Day 4: You can now eat regularly again, with an emphasis on whole, minimally processed foods.

Customer Reviews

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10 Day Master Cleanse

I would totally recommend, it absolutely works!!!

Thank you for your review and congrats on completing a 10-day cleanse! That's awesome.
We are so happy to hear that the cleanse worked so well for you.

Definitely worth it!

I picked up three bottles of lemon rush today and was blown away at how yummy it tasted. I’m under the weather and this was the perfect juice to help me hydrate and replenish nutrients. Would I buy more? Absolutely!

Hey Cheryl,

We are sorry you've been feeling under the weather, but are so glad we could help with the recovery! Lemon Rush is one of our favourite flu fighters! We hope you are back to good health soon <3

Leane Green

5 Day Master Cleanse

Regina Figueroa Aguayo

5 Day Master Cleanse