Stalk Up on CELERY Juice!

You asked for it, we listened.

By popular demand, Team Total Cleanse is introducing our newest cleanse. Simply Celery. The simplest way to jump on the morning celery juice ritual that is sweeping the nation.

Order online or by phone and we'll deliver a week's worth of celery juice to your door Sunday evening so you're all "stalked" up! You'll receive seven 12 oz bottles of Simply Celery that will last throughout the week, to be consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

The benefits to drinking a glass of celery juice each and every morning are endless, but here are a few! 

1. Improves digestion
2. Boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss
3. Lowers cholesterol
4. Helps reduce inflammation
5. Alkalizing
6. Helps hydrate skin and improve complexion 
7. Helps treat insomnia
8. Aids in over-all hair care (Rich in Vitamin A)
9. Thyroid cleansing and liver detoxification
10. Heart healthy

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