Can You Eat on a Juice Cleanse?


One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked by those considering taking the juice cleanse plunge is, "Can I eat while I’m on a cleanse?"

Yes... and no!

When we first started Total Cleanse almost a decade ago, the cleanses were designed to truly give your body a break by completely replacing your food intake for the duration of the cleanse. Nowadays, your cleanse can of course still give you the proper nutrients and calories to refrain from food. That being said, we've discovered that some clients — particularly those with heavy work-out regimes and/or physical jobs — need food to survive! To those clients we say, having a food plan can actually help maximize the benefits of your cleanse.

Over the next little while we’re going to be sharing food tips and tricks on our blog . From our favourite snacks and recipes, to healthy substitutions. In the meantime, here are some "Dos" and "Don'ts" to get you started. This easy checklist can go on your fridge, for the next time you’re craving a mid-cleanse bite. 

Building and sticking to a healthy eating routine can take practice. If you’re having cravings during your cleanse, or feel like you’re getting sidetracked, don’t worry. Try some of our favourite snacks like trail mix, carrots, raw cut vegetables, cashews, almonds, or dried fruits. Steel cut oats and bananas are also easy cheats endorsed by many members of Team Total Cleanse!

• Alcohol
• Soda/Pop
• Products made with enriched wheat flour
• Fast-food
• Processed sugars

Pro Tip: If you absolutely need coffee to survive your day, have it black. No sugar, no dairy. If you need milk, we suggest a dash of Total Cleanse's wonderful Creamy Cashew.