Choco Almond BonBites (4 Pack)

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For those who enjoy chocolate and nut combinations, these natural peanut butter based balls are protein rich and delicious.

Oats, coconut, almond butter, flax, dark chocolate, honey, cashews. Free of dairy and preservatives.

Nutrition Facts per ball (30g): Calories (kcal) 85.8, Fat (g) 5.7, Saturated fat (g)2.1, Trans Fat (g) 0, Sodium (mg) 2.6, Potassium (mg) 95.6, Carbohydrate (g) 8.6, Fibre (g) 2, Sugar (g) 4.3, Protein (g) 2.4, Calcium (mg) 16.6, Iron (mg) 0.7.