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At Total Cleanse, we use a mix of organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables to offer up a unique variety of cold-pressed juices designed to detoxify your body and give it a much needed break from the plethora of pasteurized and processed foods it is far too often faced with. Benefits of cleansing include: Increased energy levels, weight loss, improved sleep, boosted immune system, skin improvements, clarity of mind, elevate mood/positive outlook, better breath, and less bloating.


Whether you’re a first time cleanser or juice-a-holic, Total Cleanse has the right cleanse for you. That said, your enjoyment may be based on your personal tastes, so an important thing to remember is what’s on the label is quite literally what’s in the bottle.

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Thus, before choosing a cleanse, we highly recommend examining our individual juices to make sure you’re a fan of the specific fruits and vegetables in each one. Oh, and if you’re still not sure of which juices are right for you, why not drop by our boutique at 1080 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto and try some on the house.

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The pricing of our cleanses depend on two factors: Number of days and delivery area. While we’re of course happy to deliver directly to your door (across Canada), those who live within the Toronto area might wish to pick up from our boutique and save a few dollars. In terms of delivery, our juice is cold-pressed fresh daily, so we deliver overnight to Toronto, the surrounding GTA and Montreal. Each day of juice will be left at your door in an insulated cooler bag or with a concierge if one is available so that you’ll be able to start you cleanse first thing in the morning on your chosen start date. For deliveries across Canada we ship overnight via courier so your juice will arrive one day prior to your desired start date.

Complete List of Cleanses      Complete List of Juices


Proper preperation is essential in order to make the most out of your Total Cleanse experience. Fun Fact: Marking the start or finish of your cleanse with a celebratory supper is not a good idea! Ideally you want to transition your body with two or three days of healthy eating before and after your cleanse. Replacing sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol and coffee with fresh vegetables, fruits, some nuts, seeds and fish is recommended. Our Total Cleanse Start guide is chalked full of helpful pre and post cleanse tips to help you make the most of your experience.

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When you wake up in the morning, it is beneficial to drink a glass of room temperature filtered water. As you drink your water, you should feel your body awakening. Soon after, you’ll want to drink your first juice (in numbered order) and schedule your remaining juices every 2 to 3 hours apart. You should drink your last juice 1 to 2 hours before you go to sleep. In between each juice, we recommend drinking lots of water, water with lemon or cucumber, or herbal or green tea.


Team Total Cleanse’s support doesn’t end when we drop your juices off at your door. No really. If you ever have a question or simply need some moral support and encouragement, we’re available by phone (647.230.3699) or email (info@totalcleanse.ca) anytime.