Cleanses / Cleansing Diet

Total Cleanse provides several cleansing options to detoxify, invigorate, and nourish your body. The Energy Cleanse offers our gentlest colon cleanse diet regime, making you feel energized all day. Revitalize Cleanse can help those of us who occassionally cheat on our otherwise healthy eating habits, realigning, refocusing, and refreshing our body. Our other cleanses include the Refresh Cleanse and the Purify Cleanse. The Purify Cleanse is the most extreme of our colon cleanse diets and is geared toward a full meal supplement program and colon cleanse. After the minimum of 3 days, you will feel totally new.

Energize Cleanse

The Energize Cleanse is our gateway cleanse. It is designed as a mild cleanse for people who want to experiment with cleanses but do not want to resort to an extreme cleanse.
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Revitalize Cleanse

The Revitalize Cleanse is a midway cleanse. It is designed for people who already consume a lot of fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and lean proteins but like to indulge in unhealthy foods or drinks.
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Refresh Cleanse

The Refresh Cleanse is a midway cleanse that is loaded with antioxidants from all of the fresh berries in the Very Berry Juice which is included in this cleanse.
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Purify Cleanse

The Purify Cleanse is our most extreme cleanse. The Purify Cleanse is designed for people who are health conscious and considerate of what they eat.
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Choose Your Own

By choosing any 6 juices, you can now make up your own cleanse. Whether you want to supplement your current diet with a healthy compliment or replace your consumption of juice with a healthy alternative, Total Cleanse has the options you want.
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